Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Poker Setup

Alright, new setup in place, very excited about this!

Just in the process of downloading all appropriate software that I mentioned in the previous post.

So here is a quick look of what I was working with:

And now here is my new setup:

As you can see this is a drastic change from my MackBook Pro Laptop.

The monitors are
two Samsung 24" Widescreen LCD Monitors, Logitech wireless keyboard, mouse and speakers, and the tower was custom made just for my poker needs.

Once all software is downloaded I am ready to grind, don't think I'll be playing tonight, going to be testing out the software with play money first and grind all day tomorrow.

It;s going to be a gooooood month, I can already tell.


  1. Sweet setup! Let me know how you like the 2-24'' monitors. I'm trying to decide whether to do that or get a 30'' but the 30s are really expensive. GL!

  2. Hi Johnny,

    Im really interested in being coached by you, i also live in Vancouver. Can you please send me an email @

  3. Hey Ian,
    Email or and say you were on my blog and want to be coached by me, also leave your screen name on PokerStars and we will see what we can do.

    - JH