Saturday, February 27, 2010

March & Gold Medal Hockey Game

Well February is in the books for me, I know there is one more day left, however the Gold Medal Hockey game between Canada and the USA is Sunday at noon, so I will be watching that and hopefully celebrating after. Canada has a better team and should win but the US has been the most consistent during these Olympics. My prediction, Canada 5 USA 3.

Canada right now as a nation has tied the record for most Gold Medals in a Winter Olympics at 13, tying Russia & Norway, but can set the record with a Gold Medal in Hockey tomorrow.

The Olympics has been great for the city on Vancouver, but I am definitely ready for them to be over. I'm sure the city will be pretty quiet for the next month trying to recoup from the festivities. A lot of great stories have been told and made at these games and has put Vancouver on the map, that's for sure.

Back to poker. Now this being my first month (half month really) of playing full time has been frustrating, but was a great learning experience. I was a Full Tilt player for a long time, normally splitting 70% Tilt and 30% Stars during a night session, but switched over to PokerStars this month exclusively to focus solely on the 180 mans and get those mastered.

Now the 180's didn't turn out how I would have liked, but I am getting better and better everyday. Here are my February results from start date Feb 7 to Feb 26.

Games Played: 1070
Net Won: $1,300.83
Total ROI: 11%
$/ Tournament: $1.22
Days Played: 14
$/ Day: $92.92
Total Hours Put In: 84
Total Hourly Rate: $15.49

Here is a shot of PT3 Graph (Numbers I record slightly differ from the PT numbers) .

As you can see I was break even for just under 1000 games, so for those of you who are complaining about "running bad" after a day or 200 games, Suck it up! Stop complaining and put in more volume, that's the secret!

Now there is some new blood joining our coaching program for March, I have four new students that I picked in a draft system with the other coaches. And I also might have a possible personal contact that I might add depending if he is able to agree to the requirements I lay out.

The first couple months of the training program have been more trial & error, but with the new students there will be more strict rules and goals that need to be achieved to continue with the program. We expect each new student to play at least 1000 games a month, that is our main concern. We want to see commitment and it should help push the current students as well.

I am Extremely happy to announce that two of my students Vertek & Chip210 are going to be taking on a few students themselves this month. They have crushed the $2 180's, and are doing extremely well at the $12's. Vertek is closing in on $10k for the year already and Chip210 has made over $5k as well. They are going to be working together with their students which I think is a great idea and they are going to become great teachers.

The rest of the students are doing great as well.
All but one are winners this month, quick shout out to Ryan whose has tripled his profit from January so far and putting in over 1,200 games, and to Matt, Mark & Ruddy for getting in good volume. It's all about volume and you will not succeed at online poker without putting in a ton of volume. Make it a great last day of the month boys.

Also glad to see Bill ramping up the aggression and Craig for sticking with it, continually learning. Daniel, doing well, just need to put in more volume.

Now March goals for myself.
I am planning on playing 2500+ games in March and maintain a 25%+ ROI. Now that I am playing full time, I feel this is more than realistic and I am not setting a dollar goal as results don't matter and as long as the volume is put in the money will be made.

I am going to end it here as this post has become very long...
See you at the tables.

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