Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Experiences and a One Sided Prop Bet

So I have been playing on my new setup now since Sunday and I finally feel I am getting comfortable with the different software that is running while I play.

Table Ninja for anyone who isn't using it on Stars is CRAZY! I don't know how I was playing without it, one click/ button responses is awesome, no more misclicks while I play and the "on screen BB display" is the NUTS. Table Ninja is highly recommended by Johnnyhilldo.

I also have PokerTracker 3 running at the same time and while some players like to play without it, I actually really enjoy having it available, helps me identify the fish from the sharks, plus other valuable information. I have also downloaded a mod from Raven at TiltBuster that has a very simple design and allows you to see the colour coding that you assign players, really awesome for only $20, you can check it out here

So today was a pretty good day, took a 2nd in a $36 180, a first and a second in a $12 180 and some other final table cashes. I feel that I am starting to play my A+ game and solely focusing on the 180's on Stars really helps me focus on one game and really master it. Going to focus on putting in at least 8 hours a day, playing 100 games a day and maintain around a 20% ROI. I feel this is achievable and for March I really want to push myself to get as many games in as possible.

Now for my one sided prop bet I made today, I was talking with Nick Rainey and letting him know that I am coming out of my downswing and his comment back was "don't worry about results until end of month, that's your biggest nemesis, how often do you hear me talking about downswings?"

So I made a proposal to him, if I mention a downswing either in my blog or to him personally, I have to pay him $50, so this will get my head out of my ass and focus on the positive and long term results. (The mentioning of a downswing in this post does not count towards the bet, just for clarification, lol)

Now not to focus on short term results, but here is a snap shot of my day, I think one of my biggest on Stars to date:

See you at the tables!

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  1. I hate freerolls, but in this case, cannot complain. glgl and TY!