Monday, April 26, 2010

Doors Are Now Open....For Now

Rainman Poker has opened it's doors to the public....for now.

For all details, go to

Our goal is to be the most relevant, up to date content online and actually care about our members success. You are getting sick value and would be a mistake not to at least try us out.

We also have our first student to hit 10k for the month, Vertek, well done sir!

You too can achieve this, and get rid of that shitty job.
Time to take your game to the next level and join Rainman Poker

See you at the tables...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Day

Today was the second full day I have been able to grind here at the home of the Rainman Poker Clinic.

It has been great to talk strategy with Nick and Bodeye and really get a better understanding of the game and the inner dynamics of it all.

The mood here is great, but one thing you learn really quickly is that while we play there is to be silence at all times, only time to talk is during the breaks. This has been strictly enforced and for those of you coming out to get personal coaching, the same rules will apply. No celebrating, no big sighs if you lose a pot, play with little emotion so you can make the best decision every time.

Today was a good day, played 90 games and came out ahead $2500.

Looking forward to the students coming out in May & June and grinding the two months myself. Going to be hard work, but all worth it in the end!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Setup Day & Game 4, Van vs LA

So today, I would like to say morning, but woke up around 1-1:30pm (sleeping through IKEA delivery people at 8am and Bodeye's training at 9am) as I was pretty exhausted from yesterday when I arrived.

Nick, Bodeye & DaddyO picked me up at the airport on Monday and from there we grabbed a bite and headed to IKEA to pick up some things for our office setup and then pretty much watched Nick play till about 3am.

So today we put together our conference table and setup our stations, found out my wireless internet wasn't working and headed to Best Buy with Bodeye as we both needed to pickup the same thing.

So I am finally up and operational and excited to get back to the grind on Wednesday as I haven't played in a week!

The four of us will be heading to the Vancouver Canucks face off against the LA Kings at game four of the Western Quarter finals. LA is up 2 games to 1, but know Vancouver will turn it around and will proudly wear my Luongo jersey for good luck.

See you at the tables...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Johnnyhilldo to be in LA in 5 Hours and Counting...

Alright, I'm currently sitting in the airport in Vancouver waiting to board my plane and thought I would write a quick post while I wait.

So it is 5 hours and counting as I will have a quick stop in San Francisco, then on to LA, five hours and counting.

I'm really looking forward to it and real excited for this new chapter in my life. Had breakfast with my dad and a friend when I arrived and had a good talk as he still isn't too sure about my poker business, but just told him I would keep him updated on everything and eventually pay off their mortgage.

Look forward to crushing the games with Nick & Bodeye and having a great time doing it.

That's it, trying to save enough battery life for a movie or something during my travels...

See you at the tables tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

California Dreaming

So my hockey team just got eliminated from the playoffs, so I have booked my flight to LA to work with and learn from "the Man the Myth the Legend" that is Nick Rainey (MI_Turtle) and "Boy Genius" Bodeye.

I will be arriving on Monday, April 19 and staying till the end of June. I am really excited and looking forward to learning a ton, plus working hard with all the students to make sure everyone is succeeding. Everyone is doing so well, and Nick, Bodeye and I working hard with the ones that are struggling a bit.

Going to be a little crazy in late May & June when a bunch of students are coming out to train, but they will all become machines, even more so then now!

That's it, now time to get everything together as I leave in 6 days and try to get some games in the meantime.

And if Nick & Bodeye are up to it, the Vancouver Canucks are playing the LA Kings in the first round of the playoffs and they play games 3 & 4 in LA on Monday and Wednesday... Would be great to see that game on Wednesday, just throwing it out there :o)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Results

Little late in posting this, but here you go.

Tournaments: 1936
Net Won: $1,631 (My numbers differ slightly from SS)
Days Played: 24
ROI: 11%
AVG Stake: $11

Now not the month I was hoping for, but was happy with my second half.
Had a bit of a rough patch for the first half of the month, but rebounded back nicely.

Want to get get in as many games as possible in April, but also working closely with Nick & Bodeye to get our Coaching Program running smoothly.

We have had a few students struggle with the move from the $2 180's to the $12's and are working closely with them to tweak their game so they can be profitable at the higher levels.

New "Test" we have given the students who have lost their original stake or really struggling at the $12's is to play eight $2 180's, and they will get a "Pass" or "Try Again" based on what we find. If there are still leaks, they will have to go back and do it again until each situation is played correctly.

Some want to rush and play 20 tables at a time, but if you're not playing correctly, you just burning money.

So now if they pass, they will be staked again at the $12's, but a max of 8 tables at a time until we approve and allow them to play more.

I want to congratulate MI_Turtle for winning the Monthly TLB on Stars for a cool $5k and for Chip210 shipping a$ 4.7k score by beating 1000 people in a $33 MTT (registering by mistake, lol) and finally to NestaRasta who came 4th in the Sunday 1/4 Million for $10.3k, well done sir!