Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Day

Today was the second full day I have been able to grind here at the home of the Rainman Poker Clinic.

It has been great to talk strategy with Nick and Bodeye and really get a better understanding of the game and the inner dynamics of it all.

The mood here is great, but one thing you learn really quickly is that while we play there is to be silence at all times, only time to talk is during the breaks. This has been strictly enforced and for those of you coming out to get personal coaching, the same rules will apply. No celebrating, no big sighs if you lose a pot, play with little emotion so you can make the best decision every time.

Today was a good day, played 90 games and came out ahead $2500.

Looking forward to the students coming out in May & June and grinding the two months myself. Going to be hard work, but all worth it in the end!

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