Tuesday, April 13, 2010

California Dreaming

So my hockey team just got eliminated from the playoffs, so I have booked my flight to LA to work with and learn from "the Man the Myth the Legend" that is Nick Rainey (MI_Turtle) and "Boy Genius" Bodeye.

I will be arriving on Monday, April 19 and staying till the end of June. I am really excited and looking forward to learning a ton, plus working hard with all the students to make sure everyone is succeeding. Everyone is doing so well, and Nick, Bodeye and I working hard with the ones that are struggling a bit.

Going to be a little crazy in late May & June when a bunch of students are coming out to train, but they will all become machines, even more so then now!

That's it, now time to get everything together as I leave in 6 days and try to get some games in the meantime.

And if Nick & Bodeye are up to it, the Vancouver Canucks are playing the LA Kings in the first round of the playoffs and they play games 3 & 4 in LA on Monday and Wednesday... Would be great to see that game on Wednesday, just throwing it out there :o)

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