Sunday, May 9, 2010

Record Setting Day

So Friday, Bodeye, Josh and myself set out to play as many games in a day within a 12 hour period. Josh set out to play more than 100, Bodeye 150 and myself 200.

We set the clock for 9am, shower, Bodeye and Josh went to Starbucks to get their morning caffeine fix and I went to go get our lunch sandwiches from this great little cafe on Melrose called Stir Crazy. We started at 10am and played till just before 11pm.

Josh crushed it, not only did he play more than 100 games he also had his best day in profits with $1500+ for the day, not bad! Goes to show you volume = profits. Bodeye finished up with 145, and I wrapped up with 203 games played.

That is the most I have ever put in, in a day (More than a lot of people put in a month). Started off great with a second in a $36 180, and wrapped up my session with a $22 180 win which is a non turbo and a completely different game than the 180 turbos. Much more patient game as there are 15 minutes levels, got heads up with a 6 to 1 chip lead and my opponent decided to go with the Phil Hellmuth SNG strategy and fold everything until he had around 5 BB's and got it in with K8 of diamonds to my A4 of diamonds and I was able to win the nice $1080 first place prize.

Nick, Bodeye and myself just got back from Voda Spa, which is a great place to unwind after a long session and relax. A little hot tub, steam room, pool, and a crazy hot dry Russian Sauna.

Batteries charged for a big Sunday!


  1. Good luck today! Also wanted to know if you could send the $22 180man HH my way. It was great watching for the last two hours but I wants to learn how you did what you did.

  2. You're insane :) Good job!
    How much were up total on that day?


  3. how many mtts do u have to play a month for nicks school? thnx