Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LA to Vegas to LA, now back to Vegas

Been busy last little while.

I have been really busy working on the business side of things at and haven't played much in the last few days, but really happy how things are starting to come together.

We have decided to move our home base from LA to Vegas. Myself, Bodeye & DaddyO took a road trip to Vegas Monday morning to sign the contract for our new house which will be a great start for those students looking to come out and train live. 5br, 3 1/2 bath, pool, nice place.

We drove back Monday night and will be packing up and moving in the next day or two.

Have to get back to business.

GLGL and see you at the tables...


  1. wooot can't wait this is going to be amazing

  2. So jealous. The select few pics that Nick showed made the place look great. Your own little poker oasis.