Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally!...April Results and a Good Start to May

Hey guys, so after 242 $36 180 mans on Stars I finally took one down!

I have had a bunch of runner ups in these, but at last, booked the win. It's a great feeling, Nick was nice enough to play the Canadian National Anthem for me as well.

The month of April was a decent one, didn't play much at the beginning of the month as I was gearing up to come out to LA, pack up all my stuff and when I did get out here on Monday April 19, but didn't actually get a full session in till Thursday the 22nd as we were playing around with different setups to where everyone was happy.

So finished the month off with just over $3k in profits after 1494 games, most of the games coming in the last week of the month.

I have to tell you though, it has not been an easy transition moving from the 45/90 mans on Full Tilt which were my main games to moving to the 180's on Stars.

It is definitely a different game and really feel like everything has finally moved into place and not worrying about results, but just making the correct decision every time.

Today, I set another all time high with $2,850 in profits for the day, again taking down the $36, two $12's and two seconds in the $12 180s, plus a bunch of other cashes.

I have to attribute my success lately to both Nick & Bodeye who have helped me understand the game tremendously. You think you know the game, but there are subtle differences that separates the good players from the great players, and working with those two has been invaluable!

If you have not signed up for the Rainman Poker membership site yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Try us out for three months as this will be the best value you can get in the poker coaching world today.

We will be hitting the Spa later tonight to get ready for a big Sunday.

GL everyone at the tables!


  1. hello johnnyH,

    I grind the 45s & 18s @ pokerstars but wanted to switch and add the 180s in my game. My concern is if rainmanpoker's training gets very successfull and it seems like he is an excellent coach and poker player,

    Will the 180s be a lot tougher to beat because a lot of his students will know how ?

    Is it worth switching to the 180s ?

    Realistically, what percentage of the students that signs up will actually use the information learned and grind the 180s ?


  2. Hey,
    The 180's are still very soft, yes there are a few really good 180 players, but there is definitely enough money to go around.

    I recommend trying out the 180's, watch my video series and see if it's for you. There is more variance, but greater reward...

    See you at the training.

    - JH

  3. NICE TAKE DOWN Johnny!!..watched you for final 2 hours of $22 180..well played. Still smiling from seeing you check on river with quads enticing him to push on you 4 handed. Definitely hope you will teach me how to do that soon. Amazing.