Sunday, January 24, 2010

Up Swings, Down Swings & Motivation

Some of my students have asked me how I handle a down swing, and the answer is simple... Play through it. This was tough for me at first, but providing your play doesn't change, meaning you don't tilt or play "scared", your best option is to always play through your rut. Variance is a bitch, but you can control it simply by putting in the volume.

It was a pretty good weekend, only played Friday and Sunday, put in 171 games and made just over $1,900.

Sunday however is where most of the profit came from. I started the day off with a shiatsu massage, which really helped set the tone for the day. I came in to the session nice and relaxed, but more importantly, focused. Only played 13 games on Full Tilt to get my 200+ points to maintain my "Iron Man" status and was able to take down a $48 90 man in the process.

I wanted to put most of my focus on the 180 mans on Stars today, as I normally split half Fullt Tilt & half PokerStars during a session. This as you can imagine can get a little confusing at times as I am playing 45 & 90 mans on Tilt and 180 mans on Stars. There are different strategies for each game and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming trying to implement 3 different strategies at the same time while trying to keep track of player tendencies as well.

So just focusing on the $12 & $36 180 mans today was great, I was able to get in the groove, playing my best game and just feasting on the fields. I was able to take down a 1st, 2nd, a few 3rds and a bunch more final table finishes for a profit of $871 for the day after playing 80 games.

It's been a really good month so far and I look forward to to finishing it strong. I want to finish with over 10k for the month, and I am currently at $7.5k.

Now a quick student update, my boys are crushing it, currently 9 students, 6 are profitable for the month so far, and so the plan is to have everyone in the black by the end of February. Here is a shot of their results for the month of January so far.

Like I said CRUSHING IT, keep up the great work boys!

Now for motivation, I try to listen to this video on every break that I can. It is a compilation of clips of Will Smith talking about his outlook on life and the path to success and happiness, enjoy...

See you at the tables.

PS: For those of you that are asking to become future students, email and say you were recommended by me, also leave your screen name for Full Tilt or PokerStars and a brief description about yourself and why we should consider you for our coaching program and we will see what we can do. There is currently a wait list so if you do not hear back right away, don't worry, we will get back to you.


  1. Dude. First things first GREAT blog!!!! I just started following you the other day and am very impressed. Secondly great video of Will Smith. This guy is a true talent and a very motivational/inspirational speaker.

    Lastly I would love for you to become a follower on my blog as well.

    Thanks bro.

  2. Aaron, great stuff. I'll be using this for sure. Speaking of which, I have a few days off from the regular grind here starting tomorrow, and I will be grinding like crazy while playing in the WBCOOP