Friday, January 15, 2010

Back Up Internet & a German Slow Roll

So it's just pouring rain here in Vancouver and this is generally the time when my ISP decides to crap out, so I finally invested in the Rogers Internet Stick. This will allow me to keep playing even if the internet goes out or their do their late night upgrades where they just turn off your internet! As I like to playing evenings into the early morning this was an investment that needed to be purchased. $35 a month to potentially save me thousands of dollars left in open tables = good investment.

Quick update, I have been on a bit of a downswing lately, but continue to play my same game knowing that variance is a pert of the game and I'm going to go through ups and downs, so just have to be persistent. Still up around $2.5k for the month between Stars & Tilt so not horrible, glad I ran good in the first few days of the month.

Also, quick student update, everyone is doing awesome! We've even moved a couple students up in stakes and they are crushing it, it is great to see their progress, and there are a few that are still learning the ropes, but will be crushing it very soon, keep it up guys!

Ok lastly, I was told by a student of mine that Canada got slow rolled By Germany at the World Cup of Poker, so I had to take a look, and OH MY GOD, this was just terrible.

Get this,
Germany gets AA on the button and min raises to $8000 and Team Canada's Darus Suharto gets dealt KK in the SB and puts Germany all in. This next part is where it will really hurt Germany's sporting reputation in my mind... they called a timeout! Are you SERIOUS, I think they thought this might be funny???

Check it out for yourself, unbelievable!

Alright off to bed, Hockey tomorrow night, then a weekend of hard grinding, see you at the tables.


  1. The epic slowroll did make me LOL, but it was dirty as hell.

    See ya at the tables. Do NOT call me! J-high NO GOOD!