Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Living Life

Long time no blog!

I have been enjoying my summer, hanging out with friends, going out and golfing once a week like I said in my last post, feels great to get out and just swing the club, plus I have to get ready for some golf tournaments in a few weeks.

I have also started up a good daily routine and grind schedule for August and so far I am following it and feeling good, getting in a good 6-8 hours of poker a day.

Nothing else major going on with me, just living life and enjoying every minute of it.

Hope all of you are enjoying the summer!

Till next time...

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  1. Sorry, took me a while to reply.. Yea i work at reds, not anymore tho i gave my 2 weeks yesterday because i won a seat to ANZPT Darwin. You doing any coaching still? Aaron I do pretty well in the $2's, im interested in some coaching to move up to the $12's or maybe $ for some vids? lemme know