Monday, July 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Back to the grind yesterday, Sunday July 4th.

After my session yesterday, I went out to see a local band at a great outdoor venue at around 8pm and had a great time. It is great to be back home, however it is about 50-60 degrees F colder than Vegas.

I finally got everything set back up here and next purchase will be the Bose Noise Canceling HeadPhones to go into super focus mode while grinding. I was able to try them at the Rainman House in Vegas from Ketan and they are fantastic.

Other than that, forgot to mention a little drama that happened at my last day in Vegas. Bodeye and I picked up a '92 Acura off Craigs List for $1300, and this thing got a flat tire on the 95 Highway on the way to the strip and Bodeye and I had to sit in the car on the side of the freeway in 110 degree F weather, not the best experience.

We were lucky enough Channing was able to come out to meet us and get us a Tow Truck and then I was able to enjoy the rest of my evening. Bodeye and I had a nice steak dinner at FIX at the Bellagio and gave away the leftovers to a guy who looked like he was hungry sitting on one of the walkways on the strip.

I will be focusing on grinding hard again this month as I didn't play too much while I was in Vegas.

GL at the tables!


  1. I know this will come as a shock to u. So i messaged u a couple months ago saying that i would like to get some training as i also live in van. I usually read your blog along with your students blogs because i find it pretty cool how they are making so much money from playing poker. then on your students blogs theres usually a pic of u as one of their followers... So very RANDOM. Sunday at 3pm you were at lougheed Reds lunching. And i saw someone with a full tilt shirt and looked like you. You paid by credit and i was like hey that guys Aaron isnt it? i was going to say something or be like Johnnyhilldo, but then i was like nah... too awkward. lol

  2. Hey Ian,
    Too funny!

    Yeah I was at Reds with the family. My dads company was hosting a baseball tournament that weekend and we were all playing and stopped in for lunch during a couple hour break between games.

    Do you work there or were you just eating?