Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Students & WSOP

So the house in Vegas is starting to fill up nicely, we have NestaRasta & Ketan7581 crushing it right now at the house. Ketan had his best day ever yesterday, so very proud of him for that!

Bodeye & I picked up Onopro from the airport last night and it was a bit of a sweat as we didn't know what he looked like or anything, but ended up finding each other and our first stop was to the Rio to let him experience a little bit of the WSOP.

We were lucky enough to catch a bit of the $10k Stud H/L event where there were around 25 players left. Those included a steamed Phil Hellmuth who looked like he could blow at any time, Jen Harmon, who is even smaller in person which was hard to believe and other notables, Dario Minieri, Brandon Adams, Steve Zolotow, John Juanda and a few others I'm sure I missed.

So in the Rainman Poker House, that is the one and only time you will be down at the Rio as we want to keep our students as far away from the strip as possible to avoid any temptation and focus on why they are here, and that is to make a living playing poker everyday, not following a pipe dream.

Now I must mention about the Profiting Prophet, known simply as the Rainman. Nick just today put in 535 games. The man is a beast and does on a daily basis what most having trouble doing in a month.

Now eBecks18 is flying out tomorrow and Fried Liver will be out on Thursday, so the house is filling up nicely and it is great to see the progress just in this short time, means we are doing something life changing for everyone, and that is to show them what freedom looks like with a lot of hard work.

Make sure to watch Nick on PokerStatic, great show and very entertaining!

Time to wrap it up and I'll make sure not to have such long breaks between blogs.

- JH

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